I am most unhappy with the direction things have taken with the College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Alberta and the publications. I am most saddened how this has
negatively impacted the care for my patients and other relationships, personal and
professional. I am sorry and do regret my own role in these; and as I have always done,
and now publicly doing, I fully take responsibility for my actions. I apologize for the
disappointment this has caused many even if I had little or no control over certain
situations leading to this.
I wish to share perspectives for the sake of the patients I serve and for those who have
remained in support, and who naturally have continued to wonder. I wish to state the
• I wish to express my profound gratitude to everyone who has expressed their support
in various forms and manner; I deeply appreciate this.
• I am back in practice and intend to continue to work in Cochrane.
• The duty to my patients both as health provider and advocate remain my utmost
commitments as a professional.
• I have been and will continue to be respectful of, and cooperative with, the college
irrespective of the circumstances within the best of my abilities. This duty I have held
dearly in all the jurisdictions I have practised.
• I have never defrauded nor been involved in any financial impropriety. The relevant
authorities on all matters relating to my financials have never found my actions
inappropriate, and the college committee that made the erroneous decision vacated
this assumption.
• It is thus sad that this impression of financial impropriety will be implied in any form or
manner by any fair minded person or organization without the evidence.
• I deeply regret my past relationship with a former patient which should never have
happened. It is no excuse but this occurred during a very troubled period in my life
and it happened outside of work life. I have never been improperly involved with any
patient in the course of my medical service. With respect to this particular situation
referred above, a letter from the former patient clearly states this fact.
• I fully accept this unfortunate affair remains a part of my history and I have duly served
the required penalties levied; even though it continues to be something the college
repeatedly relives despite being aware of the unusual circumstances.
For those who wish to further get some perspectives, I will share this later.


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