Source: Seeking Alpha

Results from a 24-subject study in India assessing the safety and efficacy of autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) processed with Cesca Therapeutics’ (NASDAQ:KOOL) point-of-care platform to treat chronic non-healing ulcers showed a treatment benefit. The data were just published in the Journal of Biomedical Science. 

Each patient received a single dose of PRP injections around the wound in conjunction with topical administration of autologous platelet gel. The process was completed within 30 minutes. The mean healing time was 8.2 weeks. All 24 participants experienced healing, with almost 71% (n=17/24) showing a 90% reduction in wound size. No adverse events were observed on the treatment day or during the 24 weeks of follow-up.

Interim CEO Dr. Chris Xu says, “This peer-reviewed publication further validates our novel point-of-care platform for rapid cellular based therapies. As we continue to strengthen our team and evaluate Cesca’s clinical pipeline, these additional data points serve as useful litmus tests to determine the most valuable growth opportunities for the company.”