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Accountable Nigeria

I see Nigeria as a young child who feels inside his heart that he wants to run but the body is only young enough to walk yet; but even in its attempt to walk, the legs sometimes do not feel ready enough. In its walking, there are also various distracting factors like bumps in the way, TV noise, parents and siblings, shouting opposing instructions. This child can see through the windows and the doors the wide-open fi eld and the clear blue skies awaiting him and that there is a wide world waiting for him to run and even fl y. If and if only he could get his footsteps right by being careful in his strength, avoiding the distractions and assimilating the various pieces of advice thrown at him. In managing his strengths and abilities, he can not only focus on his feet but he needs to be aware of the positioning and use of his hands, arms, legs, knees, hips, body, neck and head as he might need any of these for pulling himself up, for balancing to stay upright while walking and for avoiding pitfalls while maintaining his progress. In addition, he needs his brain and sense organs for detecting, interpreting and planning his steps, picking out obstructions and anticipating pitfalls. Thus, this desire or vision to run into the open blue skies and enjoy the freedom the outside world holds sounds simple but the efforts require teamwork involving the many parts and only cooperation and coordination of these various parts can result in success.

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