Laser Therapy

Laser therapy treatments for back pain

Source: Back Clinics of Canada Image from Central Chiropatic Centre The deep healing effects of the Class IV K-Laser outperform anything we’ve Seen. Class IV K-Laser is the most powerful and deep-penetrating laser available today. It is a medical breakthrough in...

Laser Therapy Overview

Source: Cutting Edge Laser Technology Image: Minooka Laser Therapy Center There are many types of lasers.  Each laser has different characteristics which produce a different effect.  These characteristics include: Energy: measured in joules Time: Defined as the...

Laser therapy: Frequently asked questions

Sources: Swedish Laser Medical Society, Cutting Edge Laser Technology, Healthline Image from What is laser therapy? Laser therapy or Laser Phototherapy is a method where light from a laser is applied to tissue (or cells in culture) in...

Low Laser Therapy in Pain Management and Treatment

Image by Thor laser Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a form of alternative medicine that applies low-level (low-power) lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to the surface or orifices of the body. Whereas "high-power" lasers are used in laser medicine to cut or...

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